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My Battle with Spring Fashion

Every year when April/May rolls around I can’t wait to sip martini’s in the back yard, throw things at the squirrels that eat my tulips, and watch my gorgeous city bloom. Everyone is out playing, drinking, outdoor happy hour-ing, sunset walking - it’s pure bliss. Now imagine that bliss countered by the angry guttural rawr you hear from me while I try online shopping.  

Spring trends…UGH.

What’s so frustrating is that it is the time of year that welcomes renewal. Spring Cleaning! You get rid of all of the dowdy crap that is taking up room in your closet, and instead of enjoying that extra space you want MORE! New Clothes ASAP! The idea of walking around with an iced coffee and shopping – it’s perfection! That is until you actually look at what your options are.

It seems to be the time of year when everyone wants to dress in floral patterns, SO.MUCH.PASTEL, and flouncy skirts. Or the time of year when every designer wants you to. I just can’t get behind it. Now, I will openly admit that being 5’8 I have always had a tough time wearing bright colors or patterns. I look like a circus performer clomping down the street on stilts anytime I try. So I stopped trying. I have always felt this way about Spring fashion but what triggered it was walking into Club Monaco the other day. The abundance of patterns, eyelet, cutesiness, scalloped hems, and pink had me grunting some interesting sounds.

Now, there are a select few people that I think can pull off the mixed patterns/colorful/inyourface spring-ness.
1. My vibrant cousin whom I refer to as NIKIFUNPANTS.
2. Mindy Kaling.
That’s all folks.

I’m not waging a war with color here, I’m just asking our dear designers to give us (the colorphobes of the world…that’s not a real word) some options in the Spring. I don’t want to look like an ice cream cone! I have a few designers as my go-to that provide me with the dark minimalist fashion I so desperately crave. Thank you Alexander Wang, ALC, and Rag & Bone. Even my favorite Helmut Lang, king of the dark urban chicness, put out a MAGENTA colorblock organza dress. MY EYES!!!!

I can’t even get into the whole Birkenstocks trend without violently throwing my computer, so I’ll just SHOW YOU WHAT IS HAPPENING OUT THERE in a few pictures.

The UGH:






Alright, alright, I’d wear you:




Spring in Paris 2013 Part One

Aaaaah Paris. 
Is there really anything more to say? I should leave it at that. 

But I won’t. 

This is my first set of photos that I took in Paris in the Spring of 2013, around the time I took a blogging hiatus so I deeply apologize for the delay. I’m sure you have been waiting with breath that is bated (insert your eye roll here). 


I arrived in Paris with my husband with a plan to spend a few days there and then take a day or two to get drunk on Sancerre in the Loire Valley, or rent a car and drive through Alsace, or journey through the wineries of Bourgogne. Sounds brilliant, right?
Yeah - None of that happened. 
Everyday we would wake up and see if we felt like venturing out of Paris to somewhere – even as close as Giverny to see where Monet painted, but then we realized IT’S PARIS and couldn’t bear to leave.

So we spent 8 days walking, drinking, shopping, eating, drinking, walking, eating, drinking, sighing, walking, you get the point. Quite honestly it still didn’t feel like long enough. We had no plans, and after an espresso and croissant every.single.morning. we would take on the city and see where it took us. I cannot recommend this enough. Overly planning a trip to Paris is like putting ketchup on a bone-in-ribeye – YOU ARE RUINING IT. So is worrying about calories - shut up, and eat the butter.

Second set of photos to come. Enjoy mes amis!

Can we for a moment discuss Emmanuelle Alt’s street style perfection? I swoon over every impeccable pair of jeans, blazer, leather, black, tailored, menswea,IGI#EFG@IFgaaaaaah my brain just seized over just THINKING about how perfect it all looks.

I honestly think my cells react to photos of her the same way they do over Michael Fassbender grinning like a shark. I have a supermassivecrush on her closet.
Has anyone ever pulled off minimalist perfection with such ease? She somehow makes it look like she rolled out of the house after 15 minutes of prep, with a piece of toast hanging out of her mouth, juggling a mobile phone, keys, purse, and paperwork, STILL looking like the chicest woman in Paris. Meanwhile I do the same every day yet look like I fell INTO my closet and happened to get pants onto both legs and my sweater NOT inside out. How does one make an oversized blazer not look like Judd Nelson’s (John Bender - the criminal) in the Breakfast Club. At least I have a goal and inspiration, right?
So! Thank You Emmanuelle, editor-in-chief at Vogue Paris, for giving us (American…let’s face it, the French are just better at these things) ladies the hope to one day dress like you, walk any street with such effortless chicness, and not have crumbs down our shirts or something.
A few times in my life I’ve had moments of absolute clarity. When for a few brief seconds the silence drowns out the noise and I can feel rather than think, and things seem so sharp and the world seems so fresh. It’s as though it had all just come into existence. I can never make these moments last. I cling to them, but like everything, they fade. I have lived my life on these moments. They pull me back to the present, and I realize that everything is exactly the way it was meant to be.
Christopher Isherwood, A Single Man (via observando)

Can we discuss the d’Orsay shoe?

I feel like the pointy shoe was unfortunately on hiatus for a wee bit and during that time the round toe shoe was around more. I find that the pointy style is far sexier. Let’s not even get into the horror of a square toe. *Shudders* 

Now that the pointy-toe is back with full force, I’ve been noticing the d’Orsay style ever present - a curved cut out on one or both sides. I prefer the heeled versions though flats are accessible as well. I want one in every color, material, and texture. I love how classic yet sexy they are. Thrown on with a pair of jeans and t-shirt - BOOM! Instant sophistication.

I’ve been having a difficult time trying to articulate how epic and life-changing my trip to Southeast Asia was, and that I was there just a month ago. The nostalgia has been intense and greater than I ever anticipated. Thought i’ve traveled extensively in my time, I have never experienced anything as mind blowing as this trip.

My husband and I visited Cambodia and Thailand for a little over two weeks. Cambodia just about knocked us over. I have never met such a warm, loving, and happy people in my life. Considering they rebuilt a nation after one of the most horrific Wars imaginable, their energy is positive and contagious. 

Angkor Wat was, as expected, a spiritual experience. You can feel the vibrations of an energy that makes your body hum and glow. I can’t begin to explain it properly because it was such an internal experience. 
Thailand and Cambodia tantalized every sense in my body with the unrecognizable scents, flavors, sounds and beauty. 
All I can say is if you can go, go. No one should live in this world without wanting to know how the people on the other side of the planet live. The most expensive part of your trip would be the flights. Every meal is under $7 - and i’m talking MEAL. A whole grilled fish, a couple of beers, sticky rice, salad, some pork dishes - SEVEN DOLLARS. NOT KIDDING. 
So - start looking at those flights and have the most fun trip of your life.
The life-threatening tuktuk rides alone are worth it. 

Defining: Carry My Couture Suitcase

Every so often I feel I need to re-explain the meaning of my blog name.

My maiden name is Karamatsoukas - which is very long, and very Greek and no one can ever pronounce it. My nickname (along with my brothers) growing up was “Carry My Suitcase” because it was easier to say than my last name. Hence the blog name - and of course Couture thrown in there for my love of fashion.


I love Claire Underwood’s wardrobe in House of Cards ”like a shark loves blood”. Robin Wright is undeniably impeccable and like a fine wine - gets better with age. Can we get the name of her dermatologist!?
The show is unmistakably centered around her, not Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey). No major plot reveal would have happened had she not been silently (to the audience) running things from the background. This makes her power and presence bleed off of the screen and into your soul. As a business woman, all I want is to have that kind of control and presence in my career, and of course to look as fantastic.

Now the clothes - The perfect classic cuts, styles and colors fit the Ice Queen character. The crispist white and blue oxfords, the YSL “Muse” purse, the pencil skirts, black patent Louboutins, the fitted dresses… I love that they tow the line between professional, slightly androgynous, yet the formfitting cuts scream “I am WOMAN.”
I don’t think there is anything in a true gem color or god forbid - pastels. This speaks to my heart and personal taste. I have a difficult time wearing color, so every time she’s on the screen I go a little weak in the knees with every new outfit. I even love that her loungewear is always a neutral colored silk robe. Who sits around the house and looks that fabulous? After watching the show, I go to my leggings/big t-shirts/pajama pants drawer and feel instantly depressed. I need to invest in some real sleepwear.

In summation, let’s all take a moment and a lesson from Claire Underwood. Go put on a black pencil dress, some killer black pumps, and walk into that meeting ready to kick ass and take names.